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“Scout” Survival Kit – The EDC of the Outdoors

What is a “scout” survival kit?  To me, it means something a little different than an EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit.  A scout kit is what I consider to have on me when I have set up camp and leave my primary bag to scout out the perimeter for survival items (e.g. – firewood, water, edibles, etc.).

It’s similar to an EDC in that it is always on my person.  However, it is different than an EDC kit because the gear contained inside is specific to outdoor adventures and not “every day” carry.  I do not carry a full tang ESEE 6 knife on me, nor do I carry ranger beads and a compass when I’m driving my car or going to work.  However, if I”m backpacking and leave my primary bag at camp, you better believe I would have those items in addition to the other accessories I describe in this article.

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