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Fake News to Truth – My Testimony

The world is in a very interesting place right now.  We can’t turn on the TV without hearing the words “Fake News” being applied to each and every news outlet.  Indeed, there is a lot of false information being propagated by the main stream news, as well as smaller alternative news sites on the internet.  But this idea of propagating fake material is not just limited to the news.  We see this fake-ness or lies manifest in all facets of our lives: medicine, food, finances, etc.

Separating Fake News from Reality

As we age, we usually become wiser through our experiences.  At least, we become wiser when there is a direct implication to our good or bad decisions.  As I made my way through young adulthood, I learned through ill choices and even ill beliefs.

  • I believed that the government was protecting us after 9/11.  But that ill belief led to draconian loss of freedoms.
  • I thought I understood money.  That is, until I realized that we live in a debt based monetary system that is designed to fail.  That the system we currently live in is the exact system our founding fathers were running away from in Britain.
  • My thinking that the medical industry was safe and guarded by good regulation was false.  I learned about how prescription drugs, vaccines and other woes were actually hurting us.
  • There was realization that not all food was “good” anymore.  The introduction of GMOs, pesticides and empty caloric foods were in fact killing us.  Also not to mention that our entire food system of bulk manufacturing was just cruel and unsanitary.

I think you get trend.  We believe what we think is good until it huts us somehow, or we see it hurting others.  Then, at some point, you are hit with the stark reality that much of the world is based on lies.  But certainly, there must be some truth out there.  If there is truth, how does one find it?

Taking a Spiritual Leap

When people are confronted with the overwhelming thought of deceit or brokenness, they usually turn towards “religion” and spirituality.  I did the same.  I had grown somehow knowing about Jesus, so I decided to study him.  However, in my pursuits of trying to believe in God via “head knowledge”, I came to a halt.  I realized there was so much information on the internet that I could not make heads or tails of what was truth about God.

So, what did I do?  I completely gave up / submitted one day.  I went to a park all alone, and with all my heart I asked God if he was real.  I told him that I can’t learn my way to him, and that I just needed him to show me.  Well, would you have it?  I found him, and the greatest source of truth was given to me.  It was that God is real and he is with me.

My written testimony when it first happened can be read here.

My Baptism

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