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Why Torah Obedience is Not Biblical

Once a Christian is saved, should they obey the old testament Torah out of obedience to Christ?  This question is proliferating across the internet and has confused many people in their walk with Christ.  At face value, it sounds very good.  If Jesus followed the Torah (old testament law of Moses) and I want to […]


Should Christians Follow the Torah?

A current debate among many Christians is, should we follow the Torah?  If you do not know what the Torah is, it is generally referred to as the first five books of the old testament.  More specifically, it is in reference to the 613 mosaic laws.  Now, there is some debate about whether they are […]

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I Survived Demons of the New Age

The new age movement is an incredibly large threat to Christianity.  This is mostly attributed to their philosophies bridging with Christianity and making it seem as though both are compatible. For example, many new agers are able to perform “healing wonders”.  As miraculous healings were accounted for in the bible, the new age tries to […]

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