The world is spinning…

I’ve been educating people for about the past 5 years on predictions that the world is headed towards a very dark place.  I usually start my day with some morning Joe, and scan 15-20 international and alternative news outlets for topics to blog on.  Back when I started this endeavor, it wasn’t too difficult to […]

Finances Survival Transportation Planning

SHTF Scenario Planning – When you still have a job

As you explore survival community topics, you’ll find a wide variety of situations including economic collapse, viral epidemics, solar EMPs, etc.  With each situation, people are preparing in a variety of ways.  The one scenario that has the most credible evidence by experts throughout the field is economic collapse.  While people are preparing by storing food, […]

Gear Camouflage
Firearms & Tactics Survival

Camouflaging Gear 101

When you want to blend in with your terrain, you can purchase camouflage BDUs, hats, boots, and many other fabrics.  However, when you purchase firearms, holsters, or other hard surface items, they are typically in a single color.  Painting over these items with camouflage spray point is a necessity, but there’s a huge psychological barrier preventing most […]

Bushcraft / Urbancraft Survival Transportation Planning

Land Navigation Orienteering 101

Did you know that in Sweden, Orienteering (Land Navigation using a map and compass) is part of mandatory school curricula since 1942?  It has even become Sweden’s most popular sport alongside of swimming and other athletics.  Similarly, other European countries like Germany established “Forest Kindergartens” which are essentially pre-schools which are strictly set in the […]


America’s Dark Culture

Call me old fashioned at a tender 30 years of age, but as I see the progression of American entertainment over the past decade, I see an industry that promotes not only the typical vices such as sex and alcohol, but death.  When ever in our culture was death  something that was so widely popularized?  […]

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