On Point Preparedness is dedicated to educating others on bible prophecy, as well as survival/preparedness through educational videos and articles.  I strive to output fresh (non-reposted) content daily to keep our readers engaged and aware.  On Point is growing with thousands of new visitors each day to tune in to quality content.  Our Google Analytics reports are available on request.

If you would like to advertise with us, we offer incredibly competitive rates vs. our peers.  We offer two standardized formats for advertisement:

On Page Ads

Below are the current available placements of advertisements which are sold in increments of 30 day time frames.

Adds in Block 1, 2, and 4 will show up on the home page and all articles for the duration of the ad subscription.

Block 1 – This is the priority advertisement slot that will be placed first after On Point Donation and Subscription widgets.  It can be split up into two 290×250 ads if desired.

Block 2 – These are subsequent advertisements after Block 1.  Six (6) replicates of Block 2 are available.

Block 3 – An in-article advertisement.  Placement of this advertisement is limited to one (1) post and the one-time fee will retain the ad with the article indefinitely!  This is ideal if you want your ad/product placed with relation to a specific article topic.

Block 4 – Banner advertisement directly after individual posts.


Product Integration

Do you have a product that you think benefits the survival community and would like us to write about it?  If so, we generate quality articles either reviewing your product, or integrating it within the scope of a particular blog/survival topic.  Advertising via this option requires a small non-refundable deposit for creation of the content.  After customer review and acceptance of the article, the remainder of the balance is paid in full.  We also accept barter if you want to submit your the physical product for review! Please contact us below to learn more.

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