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Spiritual Possession is REAL

In Christianity, one must understand spiritual vs. physical realities.  It takes a leap of faith that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  We battle powers and principalities of spiritual realms.  The following video is perhaps the best evidence that the spiritual realm is real, and that dark spirits can torment us.

Deep in the Occult

The online Christian who is seeking truth on the internet inevitably starts searching for things such as Illuminati, Freemasons and occult symbols.  Once you start to acknowledge the trends that this stuff is real, it can be quite fascinating.  As humans love to live by sight and struggle to believe without seeing.  The dark world satisfies these fleshly cravings.

But at some point in which you come to the truth of these spiritual realities, you must really question whether it’s good to dwell there.  I firmly believe that if one continues to dig deeper into occult rituals and symbolism, you’ll find yourself consumed by them.

Spiritual Possession

It is my belief that in the following video, you’ll see two possessed persons saying “religious” things about Jesus and God, but are not of the right spirit.  I think one of two things is happening here:

  1. These individuals are online truthers who have scoured occult symbols and rituals and opened up doors they should not have.
  2. At least one of these individuals practices some kind of witchcraft and the events are meant to discredit Christianity.

Concerning the first point, I really want us to evaluate exactly what we are feeding our mind in these times.  I personally noticed that many YouTubers and Truthers on the internet love to cover Illuminati topics so much, that it tends to glorify them.  Little do we know, research into this forbidden knowledge may be opening up some bad doors which lead to torment.

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