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Prepper Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Yes, you read the title correctly; and no, I’m not trying to be funny or downplay PTSD.

Based on many conversations with fellow preppers, I’ve coined the term Pre- Traumatic Stress Syndrome for what could be generally referred to as prepper anxiety.  Although preppers have not gone through a traumatic event to classify as “post-trauma”, many have fears (sometimes debilitating) of being unprepared for that SHTF moment.  Does any of the following sound like you?

You only want to spend money on preparedness supplies.  Following your significant other around the shopping mall or putting money towards things like a kitchen remodel drive you nuts!


Any time you go into crowded places, your imagination gets the best of you.  You constantly think about your escape route if sheeple were to panic, line of sight to entry and exit ways, etc.  In terms of situational awareness risk level, you should never be above yellow for extended periods of time.

situational awareness corner seat

You can’t help but look at other people as ignorant sheeple.  You stress out for them as they have no idea as to what is coming.  In fact, you’re a little arrogant when it comes to sheeple as I discuss in this article.

You get anxious any time you take a trip that’s out circle of comfort as you are not sure how you would get home if SHTF.  What may be a 2.5 hour trip out of the city has you packing up all sorts of prepper supplies.

prepper car packing

You stress out at not having enough time to prep as it’s somewhat like a Jack of All Trades profession.

time running out prepping

You freak out when there is a red dot on your mailbox! :)


Many times you think about the preparedness supplies you’ve gathered and think you might actually be crazy.  It’s the world that’s crazy my friend….not you.


Think with the “End in Mind”

I must admit, with all the crazy conspiracy stories out there, I at times feel like I might be one of the crazies.  However, I’m always grounded back to reality when I listen to financial analysts or other experts blowing the whistle on the impending global economic collapse or global war.

Even though things like global economic collapse are a mathematical certainty, we must maintain the “end in mind”.  Prepping is more than just an end game of basic survival.  Prepping allows you to be more self reliant, sustainable with the earth, develop better and more lasting relationships by removing modern-life distractions and more!  We only live on this earth once, and you do not want to be constantly stressed out about needing to prepare to survive.

We are still in the good years (relatively speaking).  Make the best of the good years and develop memories with loved ones.  Roll with the punches when the bad years come.  Hopefully, whenever “that moment” comes, you’ve prepared enough for you and your family.

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