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Experience the Art of Fire – Flint & Steel Primitive Fire Review

Physical preparedness is so much more than acquiring hard assets, cramming knowledge, and getting the latest survival gadgets.  While these things can be important, physical preparedness provides an individual opportunity for so much more!

We live in the era of knowledge abundance and a fast pace lifestyle.  These things can cause us to be disconnected from the origins of everything that we do!!

  • Instead of amassing mechanically produced freeze dried food, slow things down and learn the cycle of life and produce it yourself.
  • Instead of constantly running around, take some time at night to stargaze, or go to a quiet place and do some self reflection.
  • Instead of using a BIC lighter or ferro rod, learn fire by flint and steel or other hand crafted methodology.

By going back to our origins, it will give you a great opportunity to take a step back and appreciate what you are doing and what you will create.

In this video I show you an amazing company called Flint & Steel from St. Petersburg Russia that sells hand crafted flint and steel fire making kits for only $25-$65 plus FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!  You cannot find handcrafted products from the hands of leather workers and blacksmiths for this kind of price.  With these kits, you support a small business that helps people to resurrect the art of fire.

Visit Fire and Steel by clicking HERE.

Medieval-flint-and-steel-fire-making-kit-770x513 Scandinavian-knife-with-leather-sheath-770x513 Flint-and-steel-ready-to-use-campfire-kit-770x513

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