Justice Scalia’s Death Relates to Justice Roberts and Obamacare


What we are witnessing is a true enemy of the state moment with Justice Scalia being downright assassinated.  Right now, tons of high profile people are questioning how Justice Scalia’s body was not autopsied and so quickly embalmed.  I can tell you one thing, this whole event is going to covered up…

Just like 9/11

Just like Benghazi,

Just like the Clinton email scandals

and so many other events of government corruption that exists.

While there is a TON of evidence to think that this is foul play, let me introduce you to one more puzzle piece.  It’s likely Justice Roberts was threatened with death or blackmail during June 2015 in a historic event where he voted FOR Obamacare – something no one expected.  Is the same shadow government that whacked Scalia likely the ones that “persuaded” Roberts?  Very likely as I show in this video.

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