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Mystery Solved? Mysterious Booms Happening All Across the World

For about the past decade, there have been reports of mysterious booms happening across the world.  The majority of these sounds have been limited to the USA and Great Britain.  NASA, USGS, local news agencies and others have all confirmed that these booms are a REAL thing and not a hoax.  However, none of the federal agencies nor news outlets can confirm where the booms are originating from.

Potential sources include: military plane sonic booms, meteors entering atmosphere, aliens and more.  However, is there a rationale explanation for this phenomenon that we can pair with some trending? My belief….yes

Above is an essential video where I display the origination points of these booms across the United States paired up with a graph that was generated by the Dutchsinse YouTube channel which shows tectonic plate movement of energy.  While no earthquake caused these sounds, we must acknowledge that sound is an energy output much like work, heat, movement, etc. are all energy outputs.  Just because the earth did not shake does not mean that movement of the earth’s crust has resulted in an energy output of “sound”!  Watch the video and you’ll see why.

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