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Patience Through the Fire

When I was still in the Marine Corps, I once served as a Combat Instructor at “The Basic School” (TBS) in Quantico, Virginia, where we taught young officers the fundamentals of leadership in combat. As an instructor, one of the primary mantras we were often encouraged to teach others was this very simple phrase of “brilliance in the basics.” 

I think it’s so incredibly interesting that as I’ve been diving deeper and deeper into understanding the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), that simple phrase seems to come to mind over and over again. These fundamental concepts are often covered when we are children – or perhaps glossed over in a single day at Sunday school, youth group or an annual topical sermon. However, I must tell you, it has been such an incredible journey for me as I’ve seen how understanding the fruit of the Spirit and meditating on their applications can truly impact the way we live for Christ and like Christ.

In this 4th video of the 9-part fruit of the Spirit series, we discover the incredible connection between the fire of God and the fruit of forbearance (patience).

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