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Justin is an honorably discharged American combat veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps from February 2002 - February 2015. Justin deployed and fought in multiple combat theaters and is most well known for his contribution as a machine-gun team leader during Operation Phantom Fury (The Battle of Fallujah II). Since leaving the Marines in 2015, Justin received a Master's Degree of Business Administration (marketing concentration) in pursuit of a career in corporate digital strategy. In early 2017, Justin was called into the ministry of Jesus Christ and now works exclusively for this cause via the Christian Truthers YouTube channel and other ministry related projects. Justin and his wife currently live in eastern Florida with their 5 children. For more information on Justin's testimony and military career, visit his IMdB link and testimony video below. Justin's IMdB Profile: Justin's Testimony:
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The Contrast of Christ

One of the most beautiful characteristics within the complexity of scripture, is the way in which the Spirit of God helps us more deeply understand his nature through profound imagery that extends far beyond the depth of the pages we hold in our hands....

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Christian Truthers: Faith is a Verb

Since days long past when the apostles of Jesus Christ roamed the earth, fulfilling the great commission given to them by our Messiah, millions of people have sought to better understand the writings of the original disciples. Such fervor and discipline has been given...

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Christian Truthers: Taking Back the Title

Some of the those within the Christian community have become exhausted by, irritated with, and outright hostile towards “Truthers” who happen to also call Jesus their Lord and Savior, essentially Truthers who are professing Christians. This is not because these truthers believe the gospel...

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