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Multiple Cases of United Nation (UN) Medical Trucks inside America

What started off as a supposed picture of UN medical trucks on 1-10 in Mississippi has now spread to multiple states across America.  White UN Medical trucks on flat beds have now been detected in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and probably more unaccounted for states.  The pictures tell an incredible story of what is to come for America.

Back in April of 2014, I saw this article that UN medical trucks were on the I-10, potentially headed towards Texas for Jade Helm.

UN Medical Trucks

So, that’s only one instance and there is little proof that this is on American roads.  However, when multiple eye witnesses start to confirm UN Medical trucks in multiple states, the story becomes much more credible!

These photos were taken near Tyler, Texas.  What is even more interesting about these photographs is that the UN acronym has been taped over to conceal it.  Think they are trying to hide something?  See that it is the exact same make and model of UN truck as seen in the Mississippi photograph above.

1907530_902146743185631_6369224484695454522_n 11188151_902146739852298_2966414623647839722_n

Lastly, this video was taken in Louisiana.  Again, we see them trying to cover up the UN logo with 3M tape, but in the video, you can clearly see the tape has ripped off and the UN logo is as clear as day.

Everyone prepare and get ready.  Time is of the essence!

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