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Evade Unlawful Arrest or Kidnapping

When one really looks at the news, there are several trends that are occurring.  Relevant to this article, two trends are clear:

In preparing for either of these events, you have to seriously consider whether you could be detained (either by law enforcement illegally, or by a criminal).  If you are unfortunate enough to be in one of these situations, do you know how to escape?  This article covers some of the techniques in how to evade an unlawful detainment:

Concealed handcuff keys

There are several of these available, but two that I really like are:

The Universal Handcuff key (can be found on amazon and ebay for around $7-10)

This one is great because it is semi-concealable and also can unlock double lock handcuffs.

Universal Hand Cuff Key

TIHK Concealed Handcuff Key – $15 (w/ shipping) for 2.

This is VERY concealable, however cannot unlock double lock handcuffs.

TIHK Handcuff Key


Zip Ties

If you are unfortunately caught in the middle of a large scale riot, odds are cheap zip ties will be used.  Here’s a good video which has some tactics to escape zip tie handcuffs and also duct tape.  This video also shows how to escape handcuffs with different methods like shims or paper clips.

Hopefully you don’t ever get into a situation where you need to use these tactics.  But it’s always good to not know and not need.

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