world war 3

War is coming…

War on a global scale…world war 3 if you will, has had chess pieces being moved ever since 2008.  However, the majority of American’s are either clueless as to the global events happening around them, or are aware of them in singularity and not able to build the overall picture.

Well if you couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself, perhaps you would be so inclined to now take a clue from what world leaders are saying about the possibility of war:

French President Says “There Is Risk Of War” As Europe Plans Additional Russia Sanctions

French President World war

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin – “There is War coming to Europe.”

Putin Views Russian Arms On Display At Expo

Ukraine Defense Minister Wars – “Worst Conflict Since World War II”.  Forces being shifted to combat full-scale Russian Invasion.

Oh and by the way, the US and NATO have been positioning forces and running large scale military exercises to boot.  A look at the info graphic below shows some of the major exercises.  But also remember that the US has a policy of “Pivot to Asia”.  Increasing tensions with North Korea, China, and Russia has caused the US to send several Naval Carrier Deployments to the Asian Pacific.


And then there is our President…

Present Obama: Media makes you think “world is falling apart”.

world war III

Yes, Mr. President, the world IS falling apart.

  • You have massive movement and positioning of troops as described above;
  • You have (and had) civil wars occurring across the globe including Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, etc.
    civil wars
  • You have currency/trade wars that are running rampant.  And isn’t it a coincidence that all these civil wars are in sync with food prices that have been drive up because of these currency/trade wars? (Note- vertical red lines = massive riots and onset of civil conflict)
    food prices riots
  • Our borders are as porous as a sieve.  It is a matter of time before the Islamic State moves on the opportunity.  Most likely…they already have as indicated by your own Homeland Security.
  • And so many other events such as the transfer of wealth out of the middle class of America, the ever increasing Police State that you’re building when the riots come to our shores, and the increasing divisions of America as a whole (race, sex, wealth, sexual orientation, etc.).

Those who have been involved in the preparedness movement saw these trends a long time ago and have been securing hard assets to weather this storm.  How about you?


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