Grooming a culture of cowards

American’s have been programmed…programmed subconsciously through the acts of shaming and fear to follow the path of passiveness, restraint and avoidance.  It’s been a culture that has been groomed for decades, turning us into a collective “sheeple” that are unwilling to intervene in situations that demand courage and bravery.  Take a look at the recent event that happened in Wheeling, WV.  A man and his girlfriend were surrounded by a gang of individuals threatening to rape his girl and kill him.  Being a vigilant citizen, the man pulled his concealed carry gun for an intimidation factor, hoping to drive the gang away.  However, this only further encouraged them as they laughed and thought it was a toy.  The citizen, running out of options, decided to shoot a warning shot into the air.  This was effective and drove the gang away, however police then came and arrested the citizen for public endangerment.

This is one of many incidents that have occurred across the country for decades.  In all walks of school through life…we are taught that it is better to not intervene in situations, to have restraint when faced with confrontation; that it is better to leave these matters in the hands of the appropriate authority rather than in the capacity of your own hands.  If you do intervene…well, then bad things will happen to you.

There is always the natural response of Fight or Flight, and some people are not wired for the former.  However, it’s the threat of legal recourse, punishment, and shame that exacerbate the “flight” and “bystander effect” choices.

  • Snake Plisken

    Hello Onpoint, while I agree completely with your post and that the last generation of American men has been emasculated by our culture czars and litigious nature but there are still a few of us ” old fashioned ” men. Although i think most of us reside in rural and semi rural parts of America. City folks seem to be more passive when there is a confrontation going on around them. Not sure why exactly.

    I had an incident a couple of months back that illustrates your point very well. I had pulled into a Kroger gas station and a fellow in a upscale sedan had backed into a slot to pump some gas. Next thing i know is this huge guy is screaming and threatening the guy pumping gas into his sedan. It was clear to me that the little old man hadn’t seen the big guy waiting in line and he was shaking like a leaf on a tree ( Lynryd Skinard ref,) . The big guy was flat out a huge bully.

    I finished pumping my gas at about the same time the little fella did and walked over and told him I would walk him to the pay station and back. The big dude was even more aggressive at that point. We paid for our fuel and I walked him back to his car. Big crazy guy didn’t approach any closer because I suspect there were two of us now.

    Little guy thanked me three times and I told him it was OK and that he needed to get rolling pretty quick.

    Big crazy guy then started to scream at me. I just smiled and waved and walked away to my truck.

    What big crazy wasn’t sure of is how I handled the situ. Didn’t engage him. That additude was beyond his knowledge base and mental skill set. He was confused I reckon. And of course he didn’t know for sure if I had a weapon on me or not. Truth be told I had my KelTec 9 and my Smith and Wesson folding knife on me.

    Thank G-d nothing violent occurred. I’m a weirdo though: I can’t stand others abusing kids, women or elderly people. If your’e a full growed healthy male you are on your own as far as I’m concerned.

    I don’t start shit but I also will rise to the occasion if required.

    Snake Plisken

  • Folks on my Facebook page are suggesting that the man SHOULD HAVE been imprisoned due to the uncontrolled discharge of his weapon. While I agree that you should have full situational awareness of your target and backstops, it still does not change the fact that we have an overall trend of “the good guys” getting fines/imprisonment with the bad ones getting away.

    • Grits.N.Jowls

      Actually I think the guy discharging his pistol occurred in a SYG state. If he had shot and killed one aggressor(no warning shots, except Florida) he would have walked. This wouldn’t be a question or issue in GA, FL or Texas.

  • Problem Solver

    A case can be made that Americans are being conditioned to become people without a moral compass!
    A Moral Code For The Post-Collapse World
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/18/2015 – 23:00

    From “24” to “Breaking Bad” to “The Walking Dead,” American minds are being saturated with propaganda selling the idea that crisis situations require a survivor to abandon conscience. What we see developing is an extremely dangerous philosophy that rests on the foundation that victory (or survival) is the paramount virtue and that it should be attained at any cost. Moral compass becomes a “luxury” that “true” apex survivors cannot afford, an obstacle that could eventually get one killed, believing that the “survival of the fittest” is more important than the survival of the principled. However, if we cast aside our principles in the name of victory, then, ironically, we have still lost everything. If there is such a thing as the “greater good,” truth and honor must be the apex of that vision.

  • Bill

    Nowadays people will form secret groups on Facebook so they can trash talk them behind their backs while keeping them around so long as they are useful and serve there purposes. You have to be real careful with “friends” these days.