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The Government Wants You to Prepare…minimally

Various branches of the government have been coming up with cutesy ways of encouraging people to prepare.  The CDC wants you to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, an animated Read.gov website has sprouted up, Canada has a similar Get Prepared site, and the list goes on. However, are they truly looking out for your safety?  Perhaps, but my belief is that personal safety is a side effect.  What they really want is something different…

The most interesting manual on preparedness is one from FEMA.gov.  It is a STAGGERING 204 page document on why and how you need to prepare.  I noticed two (2) very important points.

1.  I scoured through (and used search functions) and there is not one mention of personal protection from people.  Therefore, you should not worry about riots or other attacks…no need to own a firearm for personal protection, no need for extra door reinforcement bars for safety…nothing.

  • “Ammo” – Zero (0) references
  • “Firearm” –  – Zero (0) references
  • “Gun”  – Zero (0) references
  • “Riot” – Zero (0) references
  • “Defense” or Self-Defense – Zero (0) references
  • “Attack” – 26 references, but all pointing terrorism and nuclear, biological and chemical attacks

2.  FEMA.gov and every other preparedness website only states to have 72 hours worth of supplies for any given disaster.

But you say, “Preppers know Bug Out Bags are also known as 72 hour bags”.  Correct, but a BOB is your last defense. It’s when you’ve lost everything else and you need to throw something on your shoulders and get out of dodge.  Experienced preppers should have a much more longer term preparedness plan that involves supplies at their home as well as at various friend/family locations.  The government would much rather you choose the option of “Sheltering In Place”.

FEMA should certainly be aware of some good (and recent) examples:

Hurricane Sandy relief lasted months.  No need for a firearm here.

hurricane sandy

Hurricane Katrina relief lasted MONTHS.  Also what a coincidence, no need for a firearm.

hurricane katrina

Heck, even if you look at FEMA’s major natural disaster declarations, the event duration is almost always longer than 72 hours.  AND that doesn’t even include the time to when people get relief/recovery.

So, whats the real reason then?

Time.  Simply…time.  If anyone has been trending the major events occurring all around the world, you should recognize that our own government knows a similar trend will develop here in the states.  Whether it’s civil unrest (much like China, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, and others), a terrorist attack, or a major natural disaster – they want time.

The more people that prepare for the first 72 hours = less people authorities will need to deal with when taking control of a situation.  Sheeple will coward in their homes with their 3 days of supplies awaiting the next order coming out from federal/regional/local authorities.

What are you thoughts?

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