The world is spinning…

I’ve been educating people for about the past 5 years on predictions that the world is headed towards a very dark place.  I usually start my day with some morning Joe, and scan 15-20 international and alternative news outlets for topics to blog on.  Back when I started this endeavor, it wasn’t too difficult to focus in on a particular issue.  However, at this point in time, I am so completely overwhelmed by current events that I do not even know where to start.  The pace of tragic events is staggering…

  • Ukraine civil war
  • Israel / Hamas conflict
  • US Border Crisis
  • ISIS / ISIL Terrorists
  • Russian Nuclear bombers testing out US air defenses
  • Ferguson riots
  • Syrian Civil War
  • Ebola outbreak
  • Quantitative easing
  • Venezuela food rationing
  • Boston Bombing
  • Fukoshima
  • Egypt’s Post-Civil War

Sometimes all you need is a mash up of videos to show what’s really going on…

Sad state of affairs my friends

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