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Graphic: Venezuela’s Eroding Hospitals & What is Coming to America

The socialist dream of Venezuela is collapsing beyond belief!  The country has a police state presence that resembles martial law with almost one person dying each day from police; basic goods and necessities are difficult to find, inflation is almost hyper inflationary, and as will be shown in this article, the hospitals are literally falling apart with some scenes reminiscent of the very first episode of The Walking Dead.  Make no mistake, this phenomenon will start to occur globally.  Venezuela is simply one of the many canaries in the coal mine.

First, let’s take a look at a typical Venezuela grocery store:

venezuela grocery store lines

Any questions? 

The situation is almost unbelievable considering how the country has unraveled in just the last couple of years.  Venezuela is a loser in the global currency and trade war that is currently occurring.  This will be the same with other countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico and others.  The BIG DOG central banks and nations are eating up all these smaller governments through debt, sanctions and a rigged market.  But hey, we live in the Great US of A right?  Surely we’ll come up on top right?  Well, that would be the case if our government actually cared about us.  But the reality is that our government isn’t just eating up other governments.  It’s cannibalizing it’s own people as well by stealing all of our wealth.

Even the big nations will have their day when their sins against their people come into the light.  Be prepared folks.  Get yourself into hard assets and network with like minded people.   This is where we are headed.


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