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FORTIFY your home security for under $5

Did you know that you can dramatically increase the security of your home with pocket change?  No, this is not some As Seen On TV made in China product!  Actually, all you need to do is go to a local hardware store to get what you need!  In this video, I’ll show you how to fortify your doors against would be criminals that want to break them down.

Doors have strike plates which are where the door knobs or dead bolts interface with the door frame.  Typically, these are connected to the frame using 3/4″ screws.  Being that these strike faces have a cut out where the bolt slides into, they are the weakest part of the door.  When kicked down, the small 3/4″ screws give way  and the frame/trim strips out.

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To solve this problem, simply buy 3″ (or 4″) screws for about 40 cents a piece and replace all your 3/4″ screws.  You can replace them not only on your doorknob and dead bolt strike faces, but also on the hinges that connect the door to the other side of the frame.

Watch this following 5 minute video.  They try to kick down a regular door vs. doors with the 3″ screws.  As shown, a couple screws make an INCREDIBLE difference.

While it does not make your doors impenetrable, it will double or even triple the amount of time an attacker needs to defeat the door.  This increase in time will dissuade them from breaking it down due to the noise, decrease their physical stamina, and allow you more time to get your firearm.

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