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DIY Mason Jar Kerosene Heater & Cold Weather Fuel Rationing

When the electricity goes out in the winter, so does your heat.  Having propane heaters, kerosene heaters, a fireplace or wood stove are all in the cards to help keep your family warm.  However, should we really be relying on heaters that can heat an entire house?  How about if fuel is sparse and we need to ration?  With this cheap $10 DIY mason jar kerosene heater, you can heat an entire room for days with very little kerosene!  After all, there’s no need to waste fuel on heating 90% of the house that you don’t need to heat.

Buy the 4 mason jar kersene tops with wicks HERE – Pack of 4 for ~$20

Buy the glass chimney HERE (~$4) – A chimney is required to prevent too much oxygen getting near the wick.  Without the chimney, your wick will smolder black flames.

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