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NASA & White House Adviser Warns of the Coming Cold Crisis 2015

Chronic record cold temperatures, double the normal high magnitude earthquakes, and massive volcanic eruptions. While government sponsored scientists are not making the connection, top scientist John L. Casey has.  John will share his perspective on a coming cold era that has repeated itself through history every 200 years. 

I am super excited to kick off On Point Preparedness’ Youtube channel with John Casey.  He’s an incredibly bright scientist who has been going against the grain of government sponsored global warming for over a decade.  His organizations and research has a sizable portion of funding derived from sales of his books Cold Sun and Dark Winter, as well as his bi-yearly Global Climate Status Report.  Please do support John through the links at the bottom of this article.

For more reading from On Point Preparedness and the coming cold climate, refer to my previous article Chronic Record Cold Temps – Here’s the reason.

John L. Casey’s Resources

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