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How Another REPUBLICAN Can Steal Donald Trump’s Presidency

Right now, there is a petition asking for the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19th.  In addition to that petition, two electors from Colorado and Washington state are trying to influence their fellow colleagues in defecting away from Trump.  However, is it possible that Hillary Clinton can steal the presidency?  Absolutely not according to most experts.  However, although it is also unlikely, it is MORE POSSIBLE that the electoral college may siphon votes away from Trump for a different Republican candidate.

If enough electors defect to bring Trump below the 270 electoral votes he needs for the presidency, The House of Representatives then gets to choose who becomes president.  As the House is a Republican majority, it would likely be a Republican President.  However, would it be Trump?

Personally, I think a non-Trump presidency is very very very slim.  However, with the times as crazy as they are, anything is possible until after December 19th is solidified.  Could Ted Cruz come back into the spot light and try to steal the presidency from Trump?  Could it be another Republican?  Only time will tell…

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