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Why Did the Texas Church Massacre Building Get Painted White?

We’ve seen our fair share of strange events over the past couple of years, and this one is no exception.  While many instantaneously dub these “hoaxes” where no one died, I am much more conservative in my approach.  I do believe we have seen an increase in “false flags”, but to call them all “hoaxes” is a bit much.  I mean, let’s think of the principle here – The people calling these events hoaxes are essentially stating:  “The World Elites, the ones that want to depopulate the earth by several billion people, are staging false flag events but are careful to only use crisis actors so that no one dies.”  Makes no sense, right?  NOTE: I do believe that crisis actors are being used, but only to drive a narrative.  For example, the media only wanted to primarily interview certain actors so that they could drive the narrative.

Any who, what’s up with this Texas church shooting, and why did they paint the whole church white immediately afterwards even though the building is destined for demolition in the coming weeks?  In this video, I’ll show you why.

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