Watching the Deteriorating World as a Quiet Observer

After taking some time off of writing to catch up with “Life”, I’ve also used a portion of that time to be a quiet observer and reflect on world events and the alternative news media reaction…Sadly, we are now approaching a point where the alternative media outlet cannot even trust itself.

Alternative news media, as I would like to call it, is almost solely comprised of talk show radio, internet publishings and a dabbling of printed editorials.  The bloggers and talk show hosts bolster that they are coming to you with information that mainstream media dare not touch.  They are the truth, the light and above the cutting edge with regards to keeping you informed and out of the shadows…right?

As I started my journey several years ago, shifting from mainstream to alt-stream media, I would say “yes”.  When my eyes were first opened to the fact that this world is a Banker’s World and I was a pawn living the lie of freedom, I experienced a paradigm shift.  If I could believe that 9/11 was false flag or that our Federal Reserve is a private institution stealing our wealth, what other crazy things might be true?  Although I jumped into the rabbit hole, I kept my rationale mind intact as I could still sort out the bullshit.  Nowadays, a tidal wave of bull has engulfed almost all forms of media.

Take for example just one incident that happened this week:  A week after the Freddie Gray riots, there were reports and alleged video that Baltimore cops shot a man in the back multiple times.  Mainstream media pounced on the opportunity.  Alternative media, craving and in pursuit of the same ratings, pounced on the news as well.  It all turned out to be false…


Even the Baltimore police had to comment via their twitter account, to later retract/clarify an hour later.


Can you imagine the implications if rioters reacted on impulse to that news?  There was significant opportunity for more death and destruction to come as a result of that disfigured truth.

Too many little birds, too many tweets

This false story out of Baltimore is just one of many.  Twitter, Facebook, Before Its News, and other social media outlets are now propagating an enormous wave of disinformation to where it is difficult to find the truth.  Why is this so?

Chaos, Humanity and Cyber Psyops

We are steadily rolling down a hill of chaos and are speeding up through 2015.  As I and many other individuals have predicted over the past years, the severity and frequency events would increase.  We have had Ferguson, NY & “I can’t Breath”, Baltimore, blatant lawless politicians that are still able to run for president (*cough* Hillary), negative interest rates in the banking industry , increased cold war tensions and more!  Through chaos comes a flood of distorted news.

Human nature is to blame as well.  Sometimes there is news that is so juicy, it cannot spare the time to be fact checked.  It must be published immediately as to drown out the competition (make no mistake, alternative media outlets still need to make an income, and they are all competing with each other).  Once one major site publishes the information, there is a re-posting feeding frenzy!

People favor controversial and bad news.  I joined a Facebook Jade Helm 15 group and was amazed at how many Jade helm stories and personal interactions people were posting.  Honestly…I’m all jade helmed out and had to quit the group.  Even after setting “Highlights only” on the page, my Facebook feed was overwhelmed by “news” coming out of the group.  Aside from some of the most ridiculous blog reposts posted in the group, some people took it upon themselves to share photos of evil intent.  For example, one person posted an Oversized tractor trailer with a circular piece of machinery on top.  The comments went wild with folks claiming it was related to CERN.  The group has now successfully delved out of Jade helm and into CERN, UFOs, Chem trails, Martial law and more…

 Lastly, there is an increasing presence of cyber warfare in the form of influencing public opinion.  As one of many articles attest, such as this one from The Guardian – From Bejing to Britain: How Governments Manipulate the Internet, almost every government has an army of trolls designed to sway opinions and trends.  This is a problem in and of itself.  However, it becomes more of a problem when people within a particular group or faction (e.g. – preppers, alternative media) can no longer trust each other.  Take this example of 5 whistleblower writers for Veterans Today.  They are speaking out against the Senior VT editor who deleted or significantly edited their popular “conspiracy-like” posts and later fired them.  Is it possible senior editors of alternative media sources are in fact government co-conspirators?

Take myself for example…I have, on three occasions, had emails from readers accusing me of being a government shill based on the content of some of my posts.  I was shocked and saddened at the same time.  Given the nature of this article, I would assume I’ll probably rack up another email as someone will think I am trying to discredit Jade helm much like NPR just did.  Patriots are getting to the point of where they can no longer trust fellow patriots as they might be a mole….

 Be Vigilant with End in Mind

News is great…it keeps up informed and aware of what is happening and how we might better prepare.  However, if you are like me, you’ve already seen a confirmed trend.  Something big is on the horizon, and there is a need to prepare.  Don’t get caught up so much in the news as all it is really doing is reaffirming what you already believe.  Spend your time more constructively and get ready!


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