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Vaccines and the “other” hidden truth

I am not here to resurface the vaccines vs. autism discussion. Right now there is fire and brimstone rocketing between the pro-vax and anti-vax campaigns (e.g. – CDC whistle blower on autism) and I’m not getting caught in the middle. However, what I would like to share is a vaccine side effect that is much less talked about, and with appropriate research, could be much more conclusive.  And it all starts with this…

What is a vaccine’s priority target?  The target is the IMMUNE SYSTEM.  So, could it be that difficult to establish a correlation that vaccines have ill side effects related to our immune systems?  Of course they can!

Autoimmune disorders are on the rise!

We are all aware that food and environmental allergies are on the rise.  Nuts, eggs, fish, shell fish, latex, insects, seasonal allergies and more….

Per the CDC, food allergies increased almost 20% from 1997 to 2007.  And it’s probably increased more in the last 7 years after this research.

CDC allergies

And more, asthma and skin allergies are much more prevalent with those who have food allergies:

CDC asthma

Lastly, between 1997 and 2007, hospitalizations with relation to food allergies has increased 3.6X!

allergy hospitalizations

What’s the correlation?

As mentioned before, it makes sense that when you tamper with someone’s immune system, you might do more harm than good to the target system.  But how?

  1. Infants have weak immune systems upon birth.  If a vaccine only contained the viral antigen, the baby’s immune system would not react to it.  This is WHY they add Aluminum Adjuvant.  Additionally, even for toddler + vaccines, the adjuvant is added to give a nice little “boost”.
  2. What the hell is an adjuvant?  The aluminum adjuvant is a chemical that is put into vaccines to hyper stimulate the body’s immune system!  Without it, the infant’s body would not react to the viral antigen.  Straight from the CDC’s mouthpiece:

    CDC FAQ – What is a vaccine adjuvant?
    A vaccine adjuvant is a substance that is added to the vaccine to increase the body’s immune response to the vaccine.”

Starting to get the picture?  So, let me make this clear.  Since the 1980’s, we’ve increased the number of vaccine shots in our children 3X.  The aluminum adjuvant is a common ingredient among many vaccines.  So we have been repeatedly hyperstimulating our immune systems every time we get a shot.  As collateral damage, since the immune system is so over stimulated, it starts to recognize things in our body that shouldn’t normally be responded to with an immune response.  Pretty clear if you ask me…

vaccine truth


Educate yourselves before you vaccinate!  What are your thoughts on vaccines and autoimmune disorders?

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