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“The Walking Dead” Survival Tip

In the last season (2013) of The Walking Dead, I was quite surprised to see a familiar survival trick – The use of elderberry to combat viral sickness.

sambucus nigra

Trust me, it’s not just movie fantasy to use elderberry as an anti-viral supplement.  Elderberry (or scientific name Samubucus Nigra)  has been used for centuries for HIV, flu, cold and other viruses.  It’s well researched and is incredibly powerful!  Take for example this scientific literature published by Sigma Aldrich:

Antiviral effects: Based on laboratory and animal study, S. nigra may possess antiviral effects by inhibiting influenza virus types A and B and herpes simplex virus-143, reducing hemagglutination of red blood cells, and inhibiting replication of several strains of influenza A and B6.A case report exists of an HIV positive women, taking no HIV drugs, who experienced a viral load drop from 17,000 to 4,000 after ingestion of Sambucol® with olive leaf extract.8

How about THAT!  Primary literature that this is effective even against HIV!

It’s not just your typical herbal remedy..

I know there is a lot of skepticism around using herbal remedies.  People are labeled as hippies, and many-a-times, those who do try an herbal supplement have no effect at all.  Based on the research shown above, the eagerness of companies to market the product due to its efficacy, and my personal first hand experience using it, I can attest that the results are real.  When used for previous colds and viral nasal infections that I’ve had, elderberry significantly reduced my symptoms from a typical 1-1.5 weeks to only 2-3 days.

 How do I get started?

As we prepare for the troubled times that lay ahead, we recognize that modern medicine may be hard to come by.  Therefore, I suggest that people stock up on dried elderberries (in mylar bags) for future use.  Don’t buy Sambucol or other marketed brands as they are MUCH too expensive.  Rather, find the plants growing wild, or stock up on dried berries sold online.  Personally, I purchase mine from Herbalcom.  You can purchase a whole pound for as little as $7, but I usually buy 5 lbs at one time.  This will last you a VERY long time.

For more information on elderberry, proceed to The Definitive Elderberry Guide published by our friends @ Sun Flower Press.  The following information can be found:

  • Wild Identification
  • Poisionous look-a-likes
  • Nutritional & Medicinal uses
  • Recipes
  • Risks/toxicity
  • How to grow,
  • Where to buy dried or live plants



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