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Together 2016 Christian Event Hijacked with 9/23 Satanic Agenda

Right now, Christians see the apparent persecution of them in the United States.  Whether it is threats from our own government, ISIS, other religions, etc., Christians feel like they will be the minority, rounded up, and either killed or shuttled away.

The truth of the matter is that nearly 80% of America identifies as Christian and that will likely not change.  In fact, I think the Christian movement will start to have a Renaissance and unite together under this supposed threat of persecution.  However, this movement has been and will be hijacked to manipulate it with a Satanic Agenda.

99% of Germany was Christian during the Nazi reign, and they all did terrible things whether through neglect or action.  I feel that the 80% of America that is “Christian” is not truly Christian.  I feel that there is only a remnant of this percentage that truly follows the gospel and Christ.

The Together 2016 (Reset 2016) is an amazing example of how this rebirth of Christianity in America has been hijacked by a satanic agenda with Pope Francis at the lead.  This event is full of symbolism and numerology to suggest that those in support of it will be deceived.

Follow me through this video to uncover some of the crazy underlying evil that is surrounding this event:


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