THIS is Why there is No Hope for America

If I could pick the most shameful video I’ve witnessed in 2015, it would be this one!  THIS is the reason America will have an expedited moral deterioration after the next great financial collapse.  If people act like this now, can you possibly imagine when they cannot afford food, shelter and water?

Watch this social experiment which has already garnished 14+ million views on Youtube.  Two YouTubers set up their 13ish year old brother on the streets of New York posed as a homeless child.   It is only 5F degrees and everyone is bundled in their warmest designer clothes.  However, the child is in a torn T-shirt and thin pants, with only a garbage bag to shield himself from the prevailing winds.

As he shivers uncontrollably and lays on the cold concrete in the fetal position, every single person in New York passes him by without stopping for two whole hours!  Absolutely SHAMEFUL materialistic Americans pass by this “homeless child” dying on the streets while carrying their Coach, Footlocker and other shopping bags.  The only help the boy receives is when a homeless man comes and offer’s to help the boy out.  While I applaud the homeless man from taking the jacket off his own back to help the boy, keep this in mind – as seen in the video, the homeless man was sitting across from the boy in the beginning of the video.  It took him 2 hours staring at the boy shivering to death to get up and help him.


This should shock you and give you an even greater reason to prepare,  especially if you are located in the cities!

On another note, I think it’s also wise for me to say that even if you see a child in distress, you should NEVER lose your situational awareness.  Just because you see a child or damsel in distress, do not go instantly running to their aide.  Check out your surroundings especially if you are in an area that is isolated without much public attention.  You never know when a woman or child will be used as bait so that would-be attackers can come out of the shadows and rob you.

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