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The Prepper “Butterfly Effect”

Awhile back, I wrote an article discussing the joys and pains of starting the On Point Preparedness Blog in June, 2014.  When I first started, it was more of a hobby to put my thoughts out into the public space.  In fact, I know several bloggers and Youtubers that took this same approach – an approach in which the attitude was casual, where we really didn’t realize how many people we could reach, nor how much we could impact others’ lives.  What I’ve come to find out is we all have the potential to drive big change through subtle actions….call it the “Prepper Butterfly Effect”.

I thought about writing this article after a recent article of mine (The Most Unsuspecting Rifle you NEED in your Survival Preps) received some very popular attention.  Late last evening, as I checked the metrics and saw all these folks reading the article, I thought to myself…”what if this actually saves someone’s life?”  What if we end up in that SHTF event, or within the next 5 years, we all find ourselves in a major depressionary environment?  Could I have made an impact for the handful of folks that took my advice in that article and bought themselves an air rifle for hunting and putting food on the table?  That scenario is not certainly out of the realm of impossibility.

The Prepper Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect simply states that small events can lead to big changes. The phrase was started by the hypothesis that the flap of a butterfly’s wings could influence a hurricane half way across the world.  Let’s be clear… I’m a common guy, working a common job and live a common life…I started a blog on a whim, and within this past year, I’ve had several hundred of thousands of people read my writings or view my videos.  Did I ever think that would happen?  Not a chance….  Do I consider myself a “popular blogger”?  Not by a long shot…However, I’m pretty ecstatic thinking about how I might have positively influenced others’ lives through educational awareness.

For myself, what may seem as an innocuous blog post to gain the interest of preppers and survivalists may in fact have a great impact on someone’s survival later on in life.  As I keep that concept in the back of my mind, I must always strive to put out meaningful content to help keep people aware and prepared, no matter how “small” the contribution might be.

For my readers, consider prepper/survival related things you have done that are seemingly small or insignificant:

  • Did you successfully encourage someone to get their concealed carry license?  Perhaps one day it will save their life.
  • Did you spark someone’s interest in Jade Helm as they have never heard of it before?  Perhaps they will start prepping and you saved a family.
  • Have you debated about starting up a free WordPress blog or YouTube channel?  You might be surprised with how many people you touch.
  • Even if you spoke about prepping/survival and the person on the receiving end thought you were a little nuts, have you considered that you might have served as a stepping stone?  What if another completely unrelated individual discusses the same concerns to them?  Even though you thought you were unsuccessful, you very well might have started the trend that would change the course of that person’s thinking.


If there is one thing that you take away from this article, it is to realize the power of the people!  The power which many of us do not harness because we do not recognize how much individual power we have.  The next time you stop yourself short of trying to help someone begin preparing, start your own blog to voice your opinion, or other venture to spread the dangers of the coming crisis, think back to this post.  One day, I might find myself reading what you have written!

“Even the smallest spark can yield the greatest fire…”

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