The Law of the Harvest & Leadership

“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action; reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny” – Samuel Smiles

The previous quote is a powerful one.  It demonstrates that we are all ultimately held responsible for our own destiny.  

Regardless of where you grew up, who your parents are, what income bracket you started in; if we look at the world in a negative light, one that is always working against us, that paradigm of viewing the world turns us in to people that will live in exactly the same fashion.  However, as many “American success stories” have demonstrated, when you have faith in yourself, your character and your mission, you change the paradigm to a positive one…one in which you can accomplish anything.

The Law of the Harvest is a universal law which simply states that you reap what you sow.  If you maintain your character, hold fast to principles, and put forth hard work, you will overcome adversity.  When the world throws punches, you roll with them.  When life brings you lemons, you squeeze them.

This short 3 minute video is a nice demonstration:

Be A Leader

Make no mistake, our world and people are experiencing much adversity in this time and age.

  • We are oppressed by a banking system designed to steal our wealth.  The same system that caused our revolutionary war.
  • We are entering a new cold war with Russia and possibly a global war.
  • We are entering into heightened social tensions whether it be race, sexual orientation, political denomination, etc.
  • We are in an Orwellian state of lack of privacy.
  • We are in a police state
  • America’s morality and how people treat each other is in decline.
  • And so on as the trend continues.

However, preparedness and positive change is ultimately up to us.  We can let these events consume us, or we can attempt to make a difference.

You are your own leader.

You can be a leader to your family

You can be a leader to your community.

To all those in this community who are preparing, I recommend that you indulge yourself in leadership skills and psychology.  Whether it is purchase of a book or taking a course, this is a survival skill that must be taken into account and mastered.

Today, I just finished Franklin Covey’s – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 2 day course, and I’ve found it very inspirational. Leadership is a fundamental of preparedness, and it is not widely discussed.

Realize that if you are already having issues with your spouse, children, or other family, those issues will be amplified in a SHTF scenario.  Without making positive change NOW, how can you expect to lead them when they will need it most?

No material goods that you prepare with will matter unless you have the right state of mind, are a leader of your own destiny, and embody the leadership that people will need during rough times.

I’ll be sharing my learnings from the leadership course and put it into preparedness context in upcoming articles.  You may find them in the Education > Psychology category.

Have you prepared to be a leader?


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