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Shift Your Paradigm – The 401k Retirement Model

If you are even the slightest bit aware of the financial calamity we are in with a debt based currency system, exploding world-wide debt, a rigged stock market, and teetering derivatives, you’re probably a little bit uncomfortable with your 401k retirement plan. The 2008 crash was just a glimpse of what is to come in the future as our problems have not been solved but  amplified.  How are we ever suppose to protect ourselves when we come to an age where we cannot work as efficiently as we once did?

In order to have a paradigm shift in our thinking of the retirement model, we need to pause for a second and think about what retirement is. Is retirement simply saving currency to buy the things you need for when you are not working? Perhaps partially.  While “money” does indeed play a part in our retirement, we should not think of retirement  as solely having the means (money) to purchase the things we need, but rather having “things” that inherently provide for us and can be exchanged for money (means) for further trade.

Before we get into what unconventional “things” will help us retire, let’s look at why the traditional investments within companies have already failed:

The Failures

  • 401k & Overall Market Dynamics – Whether you are in a 401k, Roth IRA, or other, you’re still entering into a gambling table that is our stock market.  If you own a casino, what is your main goal?  You want more people to come to your casino and spend as much money as possible.  Think about how the 401k revolution has caused people to come the casino…Almost every major company has offered Americans with 401ks.  A nice portion of our paycheck is taken out automatically without much effort at all on our part.  Furthermore, we rarely check (or understand) our earnings statements.  In my opinion, 401ks have made American’s very complacent with their money.  In the fine print of all of our 401k’s, we essentially agree for some third party to manage our money.  They can sell it to other companies, allow it to be invested how they choose, and even allow our shares to be short sold.  Make no mistake, the elites are not in 401ks.  They have much more insider knowledge than the rest of us, and can manipulate our complacent funds as they wish.

 Alternative Investments

In order to better protect your wealth, I strongly suggest you start looking into physical assets.  Physical assets can provide for you in one of three ways:

  • Physical Assets that retain wealth.
  • Physical Assets that provide continuous income.
  • Physical Assets that provide necessities.

Assets Retaining Wealth

The most common products in this category are gold and silver.  I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone.  However, what other physical items retain wealth?  Art, historic buildings, firearms, ammunition, cars.  With whatever physical item you choose, it should not be subject to increasing wear. You should tuck it away in good condition so that you can sell it for money later on.  You must be keen on what you collect, and it must have utility for the purchaser.  Make sure you are not investing in worthless physical assets.

Assets that provide continuous income

Rentals are a great example of this, particularly apartments.  These physical assets will provide you with income continuously so long as you have purchasers and you keep the asset in good condition.

Physical assets that provide necessities

Why save money for electricity when you can make electricity?  Why not purchase a solar panel system while your money is still good so that you can have electricity during retirement?  What about buying land now that you can provide you with plant and animal life after you retire?  This is the paradigm shift in retirement.  Instead of focusing solely on bank account numbers on a spreadsheet, buy physical assets that ultimately provide life giving materials for you now and into the future.

Provide your fellow prepper with your own ideas of how you prepare for retirement in the comments!

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