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Doctor Knows Best! “Tell me about your firearms”

It’s one thing to read about all the tragedies occurring across the nation (and world) on the internet or TV.  It’s a completely different sensation when that which you have been reading is suddenly experienced first hand.  Allow me to share one of my first hand experiences with the Orwellian State – an intrusiveness into privacy that you may very well experience yourself.

About two years ago, I was reading a survival/preparedness forum with regards to 2nd Amendment rights.  One topic was of particular interest – Doctors (specifically pediatricians) asking the parents/patients questions about firearm ownership.  The post had multiple individuals speaking to the fact that their doctors were asking very invasive questions about whether they owned firearms, how many, what kinds, where they stored them, etc.

Of course the thread went ballistic with 2nd amendment and privacy supporters angrily condemning the doctors for their actions (as they should).  However, I asked myself, was it really true?  There were multiple sources who claimed that this was happening, and they were from all different areas of the country. Since my wife was pregnant at the time, I stayed on the side of caution and warned her about doctors asking these questions.  I was met with a look like I was a conspiracy theorist…

It was not until our daughter was born and 6 months old did we see that this was actually real and it was happening to us!  At our appointment, the doctor greeted us and everything was fairly normal.  However, at some point the doctor went into lightning round questioning!!  Some questions were normal, others were not.  My wife barely had the chance to take in a breath with how fast the questioning was.  It went something like this…

The baby is reaching for objects?

The baby is rolling around and trying to move?

Do you live in an apartment or a home?

Who visits your home?

How frequently?

Do you own firearms?


There is was, black and white, the first question to a probable line of questioning about my firearms.  Luckily, something in my wife’s subconcious was triggered and she remembered the talk we had over 6 months ago.  I stepped in and politely said –

“I’m sorry, we care not to answer that question and do not know what it has to do with our child’s health.”

The doctor, who was originally on her pedastool of authority was suddenly shaken a little and responded, “Well, these are just some basic questions for the child’s safety.”

What does this mean for you and I?

#1 – Many professions operate by a model of “Respect to Authority”.  If you’ve never been wronged by a doctor before, you generally have a sense of full trust and respect for their authority as a medical professional.  Always know that it is your body, your privacy, and your choice to choose whether you want them as your care provider.  Many times, people will not seek second opinions and just bow down to a doctor’s suggestions.

#2 – This is happening all across the country and is not random.  The American Academy of Pediatrics is the body that is suggesting doctors obtain information like firearms from their patients.  At least some people are fighting back!  Florida now has a law that forbids Pediatricians from asking questions about guns.

Here’s another piece on the subject from liberal website

#3 – With Obamacare and the digital age, our medical records are going digital.  Many of you (including myself) have been integrated into MyChart – a software platform that retains all your medical records.  Be aware that your medical information (and answers to your firearm questions) will be online.  As evident in the Sony Hack that just took place, employers DID have their employees medical records on file!!!  

This is coming to your doorstep, especially if you have children.  The stories of the internet will soon be your reality.

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