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Essential Oils for Prepping – A Non-Hippie Perspective

Medical needs during an austere SHTF scenario  is something we care to brush off to the side when we are currently in good health.  However, it is a very important part of preparing.  One alternative practice is to purchase essential oils as a means to remedy certain illnesses.  They can be purchased online or over the counter, and have claims of curing all sorts of diseases and ailments.  However, are they really worth it?

Let me preface this perspective by saying that I am not an essential oil expert, but have done my homework and sufficient testing.  I’ve met with local essential oils experts, bought a couple of books, and purchased 10 different oils to try out.  I am also not a hippie (at least I don’t think I am) and will not give you the perspective of “essential oils are heal-all medicines”.

The Positives


First and foremost, let me tell you a benefit of essential oils that you will not hear on most other preparedness sites.  The focus for essential oils on those sites is physical ailments.  However, I do believe that essential oils are very powerful for emotional ailments & stress – something that you will definitely endure during a SHTF scenario.

At points in every person’s life, you need to be refreshed.  This can be emotional, physical or spiritual refreshment (OK, I’m sounding a little hippie but bear with me…).  In any of these realms, we use our 5 senses – Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell.  Thinking about these senses, let’s think of some things that refresh us:

  • Sight – Nature, Art, etc.
  • Hearing – Music
  • Taste – Good Food
  • Touch – A massage, pat on the back, etc.
  • And Smell.….let’s talk about scent

Everyone has some type of smell that is refreshing.  It could be a loved one’s perfume, the ocean, etc.  Essential oils are no different.  There are many essential oils that elicit positive responses when our olfactory bulb in the brain is activated.  It sends electrical impulses to our limbic system that effects our breathing, blood pressure, hormones, stress levels, etc.  Aromatherapy is an entire science that is designed to provide therapy to people by using their sense of smell.

There are a couple oils that I find incredible in changing my mood.  Call me old school, but there is a Frankincense and Myrrh blend that I really like.  Whether it’s essential oils, or a loved one’s perfume, having a little stash in your bug out bag could provide you with a pick-me-up in bad times.


There are tons of different oils out there.  Single oils, blended oils, etc.  There are some that work amazing wonders, and some that are so-so.  Based on my use, I’ve found 2 of the 10 that I purchased to be efficacious.

Clove seed oil is an oral numbing agent.  You MUST dilute this in another oil prior to putting in your mouth.  Trust me, this oil works if you have dental issues.  The entire area that I applied the oil to went numb for over 10 minutes!

Lavender oil has tons of uses, but one is to treat headaches.  When applied to the base of the neck, I did notice a significant decrease in my headache.  I haven’t had the same effect for all my headaches, but I do believe there is some efficacy going on.

In order to find out what works for you, it’s a simple game of research and testing.  You’ll find some that work great, some that are so-so, and some that don’t work at all.  Just don’t get in to this field thinking they will do “wonders”.

The Negatives


During the course of 1 week I had a cold with sinus issues.  I did two hours of research and found that a tea with a couple drops of Eucalyptus essential oil would be very beneficial.  I made sure I had the right plant species, right quality and right dose.  I took only a couple sips and ended up getting somewhat serious asthma – to the point of where I had to use an emergency inhaler.  Understand that essential oils are SUPER CONCENTRATED oils from plants.  Even if you are not allergic to eating the leaves of a plant, you may elicit an allergic reaction to the oil as it is so concentrated.  If you get into oils, I would only use them in diffusers or topically.  Even if you use them topically, some can be applied directly whereas others need diluted prior to application on the skin.  Be careful with this stuff, seriously!

In the book below, they do talk about caution when ingesting oils.  However, when you are prescribed ingestion of oils, they recommend putting the oils in a capsule and ingesting.  Based on my personal experience, I think this is very dangerous.  You should only start to ingest after very careful testing!!!  When you do start to ingest, I would only do a diluted drop and not multiple drops into a capsule.


I purchased the following book from amazon as it had incredible reviews.  The book is indeed a really nice book and its strong suit is how well organized it is.


However,  I feel this book (and many who are 100% sold on essential oils)  are overzealous with their “healing” claims.  This book contains over 200 medical conditions, all of which  can be treated or cured with essential oils.  For example, there is a recommended treatment for Polio….yeah.

My personal experience shows that you must tread cautiously with  how well an oil will work.

Final Thoughts

There’s definitely a place for essential oils and the prepper.  Personally, I think there are very big gains in the aromatherapy department.  There are also big gains in the physical department, but you really have to hunt for the oil / ailment combination that works best for you.


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