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Geocaching & Survival Foraging

Geocaching is a recreational activity among GPS users that is basically a big game of find and seek.  I do not participate in geocaching hunts, but the principle of using map markers is something everyone should be doing right now!

In my article Knowledge Is Power – Minds are Forgetful, I explain how to retain information from the net in case of a grid down scenario.  Similarly, we need to start saving important locations on our maps & GPS devices so that we can refer to them later.

What to mark on a map?

When we traditionally think about map markups, we have our bug out location identified, routes of travel, etc.  However, this article isn’t about the traditional map markups….

garmin 62sgoal zero


In addition to my topographic paper maps, I have a Garmin 62S and portable goal zero solar charging panels.  Any time I’m hiking around local woods or parks and come across groves of wild edibles, I mark a waypoint on my unit.  When I get home to my laptop, I name it and put it in an appropriate category within the Garmin Basecamp software.

I have tons of waypoints for Black Walnut, Hickory, and Acorn trees around my area so that I can harvest nuts in the fall.  When I find groves of high nutrient crops like roots/tubers of Jerusalem Artichoke plants, black raspberry bushes, or medicinal plants like Black Elderberry bushes, I mark those as well.  Month after month of finding and collating wild edible groves, you’ll find yourself with a decent amount of food throughout the growing season.

In order to learn more about garmin & the basecamp software, have a read of my article When the Google Well Runs Dry.  For more knowledge on wild edibles 101, refer to my Wild Edibles 101 article.

Face it…

You can’t always rely on food stores.  You also can’t rely on your garden performing year after year.  The groves of wild edibles that are in the forests have built themselves into an ecological niche, and are usually hearty year after year.  If it ever hit the fan and you needed to find extra food, you do not want to be expending energy trying to find edibles.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had already planned it out in advanced?  I think so…


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