#Ferguson – What you haven’t been told

Is there really even a good side and a bad side in this case?  We are seeing an increasingly prevalent police state where there is a tendency for police to shoot first and ask later.  Is this because crime and the officers’ work environment is getting increasingly dangerous?  Or is this because of police psychology (described in my article here) and the facilitation of weapons and military equipment through the Pentagon 1033 program?  Chicken or egg I suppose…

Here’s some summary one-liners on both Officer Wilson and Michael Brown.  However, the story is bigger than just these two individuals and I do not want to rehash everything mainstream media is pummeling down people’s throats…

Michael Brown


  • Brown did steal $48 worth of cigars from a quick stop gas station prior the incident.
  • Brown and his companion were illegally walking down the center of a side street which was the reason for the initial stop.
  • There was a close quarters argument and struggle at Officer Wilson’s car.  Officer Wilson shot two (2) shots, one which struck Brown’s thumb.  This is based on gun powder evidence and Brown’s blood on the gun.
  • After the initial shots, Brown and his companion ran away with Officer Wilson in pursuit.  Brown turned around towards Officer Wilson seconds later, and the fatal shots were fired.  Brown was shot a total of 6 times.  This is where multiple variations of the story go awry (e.g. – did he charge the officer or did he have his hands up?)
  • Brown has multiple pictures flashing gang symbols and using drug paraphernalia.
  • Brown may have had charges relating him to a 2nd degree murder.  There is a lawsuit requesting his juvenile records to be unsealed.

Officer Wilson


  • Officer Wilson was a police officer in the troubled (and former) Jennings Police department.  Police brutality was so bad that the entire police department was fired and a new one was made from scratch.  Officer Wilson later go a job with the Ferguson department.
  • Officer Wilson was not significantly injured during the standoff.  The x-rays and stories going around about how Officer Wilson’s orbital eye socket were blown out was a forgery.  There is multiple videos showing Brown walking around calmly after the shooting and when he arrived back at the police station.
    wilson orbital xray fake
  • Wilson said he feared for his life because Brown went for his firearm.

 But here is the kicker…

Almost immediately after the shooting, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder inserted themselves into the case without understanding the facts.  On August 23rd, 2014, Obama sent three White House Aides to the funeral of Michael Brown.  What if there is irrefutable evidence that comes to light that shows Michael Brown did indeed attempt to kill Officer Wilson with his own weapon…

Our President would have sent White House aides to the funeral of an attempted cop killer…Ain’t that somethin’

But why…

If you haven’t read my article Divide & Conquer, you’ll understand why completely.

The administration is playing both sides of the fence, fueling the fire.  A divided people are much easier to keep in control as they will not focus on the true problem.

Obama & his administration support the Pentagon 1033 military surplus to police program VS Obama orders a review of programs that arm police with military surplus

Obama Told Ferguson Extremists to “Stay the course” – November 5th, 2014 VS his statement “There is never an excuse for violence against police, or for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting.”

Even inserting themselves into this case (and the Trayvon Martin case) in the first place is a tactical move.  In Chicago, one year had 700 school children shot and 66 died.  Why just these cases?


Such a sad state of affairs when all the little people fight and squander between themselves while the puppet masters play above…

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