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Escape & Evade Thermal Imaging

In a SHTF scenario, organizations or individuals might have force multiplier technology like thermal imaging.  A key component which should be part of any survival kit can easily conceal your body heat and allow you to escape detection.

Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets work to keep you warm by reflecting body heat back towards the individual.  It would make sense that this life saving technology can also be used to prevent body heat from being detected via thermal imaging.  Take a look at the below video to see how effective it can be:

A key note about this video is that some of the emergency blanket configurations are pressed up against the individual’s body.  You will get much better results if you have the blanket propped up as a tent/tarp rather than wearing it.  Also, emergency blankets come in all different materials and thicknesses.  While the cheap/thin blankets might provide some thermal imaging prevention, the thicker/sturdier versions (mentioned below) will offer much better concealment.

Ultimate Survival Base Hex Blanket / Tarp (More Concealment)



SOL Heavy Duty Survival Blanket (More Concealment)

tactical weather blanket

SOL Emergency Blanket (regular moderate concealment)

emergency blanket


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