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GENIUS! The “Lightest” Way to Carry Water in the Woods

This is genius!  Want a means of carrying extra 5 liters of extra water with a container that is  feather light and fits in the palm of your hand?!?  Watch as I demonstrate a reapplication of dry bag technology for a wet purpose!

One very important object you need to have in your bug out bag or camping bag is a container for water.  Ultimately, you need at least one container that is metal so that you can boil water for safe drinking.  However, you should have additional flexible containers so that you can carry water from the source to your camp without having to make multiple trips.  Using this dry bag, you have limitless opportunities:

Carry water

Keep clothes, electronics, tinder or other items safe from water.

Use as a flotation device

and more!

With compress-ability to fit in your pocket, and the weight of a feather, silnylon dry bags are an excellent choice.

Check out the video below, and if you think it’s a good add to your bug out bag, purchase the OR SilNylon Dry Bags (in multiple sizes) using the Amazon link below:

Outdoor Research SilNylon Dry/Wet Bag


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