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Did the Illuminati Kill David Bowie?

The whole world has been captivated by David Bowie’s death.  Even more captivating is the occult symbolism that he left the world with his final “gift” – a music video entitled Lazarus.

This video goes several layers deep and it reveals a message to the world that we are headed into a golden age – a very similar message that we are seeing play out in Rihanna’s satanic Antidiary series and the satanic 3 day series on Syfy – Childhood’s end.

It also has symbolism of which I do not even think David Bowie is aware of.  The fact that he is being used as a “puppet” by his handlers, and has already been deceived, all the way up unto his death.

Did the Illuminati kill David Bowie in a sacrifical blood sacrifice?  Even more curious, did David Bowie allow this to happen because he was so seduced by MK Mind control?

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