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Bug Out Plan – Standby Crates

Preparedness does not have to be über technical.  Sometimes the most simplest of ideas can make a huge difference.  This is one of them…

Anyone who is preparing knows that it is difficult to stretch their dollar.  Many of us cannot afford to have duplicates, triplicates or more of any particular item.  For example, we’d love to put our best winter outfit in the bug out bag, but it’s something we use every other day.  We can’t possibly afford to tuck nice new gear away when we need to use these things on a daily basis.

Further, a 72 hour bag or Bug Out Bag (BOB) is meant for a short duration.  If you encounter a situation where long term displacement is possible (e.g. – hurricane Katrina), you’ll want much more supplies than one bag can offer you.

That’s where the standby crate comes in…a simple, empty, Rubbermaid crate:


Purchase one of these crates for each family member, and place it at the base of your/their closet.  It’s width should ideally be wider than that of your closet hangers.  Although it may be tempting, do not fill it.  If you do, do so minimally.  Your crate will sit idly, allowing you to wear all your daily clothes as you normally need them.  If a situation arises when you have to bug out for the long term and time is of the essence, just grab all the clothes with the hangers on and throw them in the crate.


These crates do not necessarily have to be limited to clothes.  They can be set in proximity to other organized gear in your house.  Perhaps you have a tool box that you use frequently.  You may want to have a smaller Rubbermaid crate next to it so that you can place your trays of the tool chest into the crate for a quick get-a-way.

Saves Valuable Time!

As it is clearly evident, having standby crates to hold your gear and clothes will save you an abundance of time.  However, it also encourages the mind to become organized and aware of the gear that you have.

Last tip…make sure your vehicle has enough room to hold the crates.  It would be good to see how many empty crates fit in your car or trailer before you start purchasing a whole bunch.  Ensure you have room for these crates and any other gear you intend to bug out with.

Like I said….simple!


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