A River of Evil Beneath Us: People Are Literally Going INSANE

Do you remember the scene in Ghost Busters 2 where the evil slime was pulsing through the city sewers and abandoned subway tunnels?  As it coerced its way through the city, its evil negative energy started to have an affect on the citizens of New York causing them to turn against each other in hatred.

What was fiction fantasy in 1989 could arguably be fact today.  The only exception is that instead of an oozing pink slime, we have an invisible force of evil spreading across the nation through many means.  And instead of leading to some museum, the river of evil probably goes towards Washington DC.  A look at some of the most atrocious crimes occurring today give testament to the fact that our society is twisted and heading towards moral destruction.

Upon scanning my social media accounts today, I came across this absolutely shocking headline:

Woman Stabs Open Pregnant Mom – Steals 7 month Fetus

This poor mother was on Craigslist looking for baby clothes.  The person who responded to the ad ended up committing the act as the title explains.  An act that should have remained in the fictional world of The Walking Dead.  The mother ended up living, but the baby had died….absolutely atrocious.

And these kinds of heinous acts keep showing up on a frequent basis.  Just last week, this Cincinnati Mom stabbed and beheaded her 3 month old.

March 2015, a mom took a powered circular saw to her baby as it would not stop crying.

January 2015, a mom slit three of her children’s throats because they wouldn’t stop crying.

This mom thought the Illuminati were out to get her and her children in 2014.  She drove her and her two children off a 300 foot cliff to kill themselves.  Luckily, the children survived.

The list of mom’s beheading or otherwise gruesome murder of their children is a growing list, and it is one of the many trends that signals our declining society.

Sure some might say these incidents are post-postpartum depression, and maybe they are.  But were they taking anti-depressant medications to alleviate their symptoms?  As the majority of investigations into mass shootings involve psychotropic drugs, there might be a connection with these events as well.

And this is what I mean by “invisible evil”.  It’s the stress of the rat race, food insecurity and poverty striking the nation, an over medicated culture, a materialistic culture, an entitled culture, etc. etc.  There are definitely real and tangible factors driving the evil to the degree we see it today.

Those who watch JasonA on Youtube will know that he put out a compilation of growing insanity in America and across the world.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out that video, be sure to check it out below.

What’s happening to us?

Gruesome acts of murder have always occurred throughout human history.  Are we just seeing more of it because of social media, or are we in a true decline of moral values?  Personally (and unfortunately), I think it is the latter.  In fact, Reverend Graham has said just this month that “We’re losing our country…the foundations of this country are collapsing.”

Now even though these incidents may be increasing in frequency, they are very isolated considering we have a nation of 330+ million people.  However, the biggest caveat is that we currently have the rule of law.  What happens if there were to be in fact a SHTF scenario that would break down local, state or even federal police/government.  Would we see complete anarchy similar to the movie The Purge?

Maybe or maybe not.  But I suggest you get a gun…

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