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Prepper Psyops – Looks are Deceiving

Understanding people, their behaviors, and psychology is an invaluable skill.  Truth be told, everyone uses these skills daily by subconsciously analyzing people’s demeanor and body language in normal conversation.  However, as with any skill, it can be honed to a point where you can consciously evaluate people and determine whether they are truthful or lying; manipulative or open; dangerous or safe; etc.  If it ever hits the fan, you will inevitably be dealing with people.  How do you know whether they are trustworthy?

If you have not read my first article on prepper psychology – take a look at Prepper Psyops – How to spot a liar

This article will focus on deceit through looks.  Yes, looks can be are deceiving.  Take a look at this woman.  In milliseconds, your mind has already formulated an opinion of her based on her appearance.


Yes, she looks like she is in contempt of someone, but overall appearance is nice.  If you saw this woman pass you in the store, your subconscious would probably not perceive her as a threat.  She seems like a nice young lady who is well groomed and put together.  Under the surface, this woman was a monster.  She was recently sentenced to life in jail for beating and starving to death her 4 year old daughter.  The child was found tied to her Sponge Bob Square pants bed covered in bruises, open wounds, and weighed a tiny 19 lbs.  This poor child endured a hell close to those in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.


The others…

This woman is not alone in the land of seemingly inconspicuous killers who are handsome or attractive.  Here’s a couple others:

Amanda Knox – Slit the throat of her roommate


Casey Anthony – The famous and recent case of killing her 2 year old daughter


Jodi Arias – 1st degree murder of her boyfriend.  Multiple stab wounds, slit throat, and a gunshot to the head.


Not just limited to women – Da Rocha -Murdered 39 people in Brazil


Guards up – Not Paranoia

When we see someone who does not look like us, we have an instinctual caution as our proximity closes towards that individual.  It may be someone who is a Harley motorcycle rider, a homeless man, more “urban” dressed, etc.  Am I telling you to be politically correct (PC) and drop that instinctual behavior?  Absolutely Not!  We have those reactions because they are inherently and subconsciously instinctual.  These people may be honest, caring, and loving individuals, but they are still strangers.  A stranger is a stranger and everyone should be on a level playing field in your eyes.

Am I saying then that we should be paranoid of any stranger that we approach, whether they are attractive or not?  Absolutely Not!  Having such an attitude would surely exhaust your mind.  However, what you can do is not immediately succumb to “visual pleasure” as displayed in this hysterical episode of What Would You Do?  

Almost every single man offers a helping hand to an attractive blond stealing a bicycle.

Developing psychology oriented skills is something the preparedness community does not pay much attention to, but it has vast benefits.  Detecting liars and negotiating deals are just some of the aspects of interest for a prepper to learn psychology traits.  Have you ever gotten yourself out of dodge based on a psychological queue?

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