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Ebola or Flu? Prepare for a Fear Pandemic

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Fever, vomiting, &  diarrhea…

Have I contracted Ebola or do I have seasonal flu?  This is the question many American’s will be facing as we approach Flu season in the United states.

Make no mistake, Ebola is the top news story across America.  Throughout our states, people fear that Ebola will continue to spread due to the dysfunctional efforts of state and Federal agencies.  As such, vomiting and diarrhea will no longer be viewed as a typical “bug”.  Many American’s will probably panic and think they have caught the Ebola virus.  Are we about to see a Pandemic of Fear spread through our nation?

The Flu Season will start this October and peak in January and Februrary

CDC estimates that anywhere from 5-20% of American’s will be diagnosed with Flu.  What percentage of those infected will let fear consume them and cause them to think they have Ebola?  Will our hospitals become overwhelmed with patients wanting Ebola testing?  Will people completely shun or show hatred towards those that appear to be sweating with a fever and have vomiting?

Make no mistake that real cases of Ebola will likely continue to spread across the US and world.  Even if they numbers are low, they will be prominently displayed across the major news networks to keep the threat alive in many Americans’ minds.  My guess is that this will continue throughout winter and the peak of Flu season.

What do you think a typical American will think of their neighbor who is showing symptoms?

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