Gangs Open Carry in Cincinnati

Take a look at the above video.  While I believe in the 2nd Amendment and Ohio’s open carry laws, and that they apply to all individuals, I have a deep rooted problem with this video.

A generalization is looking at tendencies of a majority of people in a cultural group, their values, beliefs, and tendency to engage in certain patterns of behavior, and making generalizations about individual behavior based on group patterns.

A stereotype is automatically applying generalizations to every person in the cultural group, or making generalizations about the group based on the behavior of only a few individuals.

Sorry, but when I refer to this group of individuals as “punk kids” it is most certainly not a stereotype.  Their overall demeanor, language, and lack of respect for the 2nd Amendment hurts the cause of respectful, law abiding gun owners across the country.  Instead, they wish to exploit Ohio’s open carry law to rile up police and obtain publicity through You Tube and other social network sites.  How nice of them to serve up a video to the gun grabbers on a silver platter, showing how young “thug” adults can obtain “assault rifles” and legally parade through the streets.

In a country full of division, the 2nd Amendment sits almost center table amount the hot debates.  Unfortunately, alone are the stories of CCW gun owners preventing murders and to the top of mass media news outlets are videos like these.

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