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Camouflaging Weapons 101

Well, here’s part 2 of the series where I went ahead and camo’ed my plane jane shot gun.  I’ll let this one cure in the sun for the next week (weather permitting) and put it to a field test in terms of ability to blend with surroundings and durability.  If you haven’t read my first post on camouflaging your gear, read it here.

Also, I need to provide a couple more details on spray painting.  With a black rifle, always start out with your lightest color paint, and then move progressively darker.  You’ll see in these photographs, I did a majority of the weapon beige, followed by olive drab, then dark brown.  Obviously if you start out with a dark color on black, you won’t see much of an affect.  You essentially need to give your weapon a primer with your first color.

P.S. – if you need help putting together a Billy Beats for your kid, see background.

Happy Painting!

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