“Real” Survival Food for Your Family – Free Sample

Many people out there are not fans of dehydrated or freeze dried survival food.  Well, let’s break that stipulation with a new company I found called ValleyFoodStorage.com.  This company offers 25 year shelf life food  that is pre-packaged in mylar bags.  The difference?  It’s all natural food, no GMOs, no MSG, no added artificial ingredients, & tastes like homemade meals!!

“This was the first ingredient label I’ve read in the past couple of years where it was all food names I recognized…”

Watch the video to learn more about how this food company can meet your food needs from both a food preparation and wellness perspective!

Try one of their FREE samples HERE.  No strings attached!

  • I’m real interested in anyone who has gotten a free sample and tried it out. What was your experience?

  • John Parson

    So the first product I looked at, one of the ingredients was “artificial blueberry nugget”. Hmmm…very natural.