And I Shall Turn ye’ Against Each Other – One by One

Which one of these groups of Photos do you support?

Group 1 



Group 2

black-lives-matter (1)



Did you choose one (1) group?  If so, the people that are trying to divide you have been successful.  What about a group 3?


Group 3



If you’ve reposted black lives matter or blue lives matter on your social media accounts, you need to look at the world through a different lens.

You are, in fact, taking a side.

The lines are being drawn in the sand, and as Michael Savage explains in his book Stop the Coming Civil War, we are indeed headed into a civil war.

The #PoliceLivesMatter photos are not just isolated incidents either.  NYC is launching a Pro-police rally declaring “Blue Lives Matter” for NYC.  Do you really think this is going to bring people together or further divide them?

The police / people (or race) division is only one of many other divisions.  Black vs. white, gay vs. straight, republican vs. democrat, women vs. men….it’s all the same and I describe how this tactic of Divide and Conquer is used so that the elite can better control the people.

What lies herein is a very complex matter of where simply supporting one side is unjustified.  We do have a police state trend, and this needs to be dealt with.  We also have issues with poverty and adolescents turning to crime as they feel they have no other opportunities (e.g. – our privatized federal reserve debt based currency system).  Recognize the root cause problem is not ourselves.  The events you see happening on the streets are merely the symptoms.

Spread this word and help people understand that the true side you should be on is the side of The People vs. Corrupt Government.  



  • DonnaSC

    There ARE people that profit from War, and they are the ones trying to divide us. If you see the media doing this, call them out on it but don’t accept it. SOME people are prejudiced: against blacks, whites, Jews, men, women, gays, you name it. But MOST people are NOT in America until they are drawn in by “injustices.” Let’s work to find those that believe in right and wrong and judge each other by the content of their character! Let’s work to BE that person!