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Tragic Loss of My 4 Year Old Prepares Me for the Future

No one ever wants to experience a tragic loss in the family.   However, if God wills it to be so, how are you going to react to the event?  Are you going to respond by cursing God for what has happened to you?  Or will you cry out to Abba, Father and say, “Please help me”.  This is the crux of the decision for anyone experiencing the tragic loss of a loved one.

ally defurFirefighter’s daughter fought for her life after tragic accident

In the following video, I am joined by Sarah DeFur .  She shares her testimony of losing her four year old daughter Ally in a horrific car crash.  She explains the trials and tribulations that ensued afterwards, as well as the amazing miracles and strength that were provided to her through her obedience to God.  Five years after Ally’s tragic death, to the date of when this was filmed, she is still continuing to act in obedience by reaching out to me and doing this testimony video.

This video has so many implications for us as believers.  But most importantly:

  • It shows how a believer in Christ expresses peace beyond comprehension when facing so much trial.  Many of us need to use this as an example whenever tribulation comes our way.
  • Second, it shows what we as believers may be facing in the end times.  As the bible says that the end times is the same as the days of Noah, we have to understand that man, women and child will perish in these days.  This sets a rift between believers on the topic of pre vs. post tribulation, but the bible is clear – God values our spirit over our flesh, and we have multiple examples through the bible and current events that Christians are not always spared of physical troubles.

I hope you watch this video with a discerning heart; that you see this is filled with truth and it is meant to prepare the body of Christ for the times ahead.  I also ask you that please pray for the DeFurs.  For their obedience in doing this interview, as well as their continued protection.

You can read the event press concerning Ally’s accident here.

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