Charleston false flag

Shocking False Flag Dashcam Footage of Dylann Storm Roof Arrest!


Youtubers,  Facebookers and Twitter folks are lighting up social media in a resounding WTF moment!  New raw dashcam footage has been released from the Charleston Police which features the apprehension of Dylann Storm Roof, the young man who allegedly murdered 9 church-goers in cold blood.

Even if you only have a couple of brain cells, you can see that this apprehension stinks of BS through and through.  

  • Watch as officers casually approach Dylann’s car with their weapons unholstered, but pointed at the ground.
  • Watch as they smirk and smile at eachother even before Dylann is in custody.
  • Watch as backup officers completely turn their backs to the primary officer and have a nice little “chat” even though the suspect is still in the car.

While departments differ on the particulars of dealing with an armed suspect inside of a car, the principles remain the same.

  • Keep your distance
  • Stay under cover until the suspect is visibly unarmed and out of the vehicle.
  • Command the suspect to move away from the car before you approach.

None of the officers practiced any of these core principles.  Do we think this is simple negligence?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Officers would not display such incompetence even if this was a “going through the motions” training.

In the coming days and weeks, we will most likely see additional false flag details come out about this operation.  Using the Newton shooting as a blue print, we can compare and contrast events much more easily.  Were websites created prior to the event?  Are all the funerals going to be closed caskets?  Will we see odd relationships with the victims and families with big government or money?

Time will tell, but this arrest video is telling!

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