Is prepping getting in the way of your day job?

Do you ever feel like your living in the shoes of one of the characters from Office Space when it comes to your job?  If you do, you’re part of the 52.3% of American’s that are dissatisfied with their current employment.  This number reached an all time high in 2010, and has only been ticking down marginal percentage points since then.

Why so dissatisfied?

There’s a number of reasons why we are having record dissatisfaction with our jobs.  If you are in search of a job, the utterly poor job market has left you with very little diversity to find a position that makes you happy.  If you got to keep your job since the 2008 crash or recently acquired a job, you are most likely not seeing many promotions or salary increases in your department.  Truth be told, most of us are not keeping pace with the record inflation being caused by the Federal Reserve – the bottom 90% of Americans are as poor as they were back in 1987.

With such inherent dissatisfaction with our jobs, it definitely does not help when you consider yourself a prepper.  If you have reached the point in your truth seeking to call yourself a prepper, you have come to the realization that our world is a facade and the veil is disintegrating.  We are seeing the world unravel with wars (civil, cyber, financial & real), terrorism, and an ever increasing debt bubble which is stripping the wealth of people globally.

If you’re a prepper, doesn’t the mundane job become somewhat trivial at this point?  If you didn’t care to work in your current position before you became a prepper, now what is your attitude towards working if you know it can all come crashing down this year?  Do you find yourself steadily slacking day by day as you lose interest?

How about an alternative scenario:  what if you are fairly content with your job?  This is especially true if you are a successful small business owner.  Do you keep investing hard earned dollars to grow your business knowing that stronger economic forces can tear it all down?  There are always events that can take down your small business, but what we are facing in the next coming years is something extraordinary.

I face this very question as I build and grow this site…

I do enjoy teaching self-sufficiency, preparedness, and opinions on current events.  However, I also consider writing and managing this website my small business.  I’d love to invest more money into it for higher publicity on social networks, improved SEO, and consultation for speeding up the website performance.  I’d love to have it flourish to the point of where I could have a store front and train people, possibly write a book, and travel to preparedness expos.  But knowing what I know, and hearing the potential timings of events from experts across the world, I am plagued on whether to make such investments.  I can only imagine what it is like being a true small business owner with employees, product overhead and associated fees.  What is one to do?  Keep investing money in the business or keep the status quo and turn that money solely towards preparations?

The majority of us will probably just keep the status quo going.  It will be the same “keep on keeping on” until that event finally comes.  A minority will probably charge on and state that they will not let the financial puppeteers hold them back from their dreams.

What should you do?

Well, at the very least, make sure preparing does not hurt your performance at work to the point of where you might be first in line to get laid off or fired.  The world is still turning at this point and you do not want to start an isolated SHTF moment for yourself via unemployment.  If there is anything else I can offer, I would say if you are in a position like a nurse, construction worker, electrician, etc., cherish every day as a learning opportunity that might help you prepare better.

Who knows…perhaps we’re all crazy and it will actually end up like this…. (sarcasm)

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